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As an Agriculture Extension Agent for Texas AgriLife Extension Service I have had an opportunity to be involved in just about every aspect of agriculture. From the 5,000 cow dairy to the types of trees to use in a home landscape I have had a chance to learn how the different parts of an agriculture systems work together. Seedless watermelons, drip irrigation, pecan orchard management, fruit crop development, dairy nutrient management, environmental issues confronting agriculture, producer tours, field days, research projects and more have been a part of my life for over 30 years as I lived and breathed agriculture. Since 2004 I have been actively involved in consulting internationally working in Honduras, Guatemala, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, India, and China. I have worked with missionaries and other groups dedicated to alleviating poverty among third world farmers. I lived in the Middle East in 2007-2008 working on a project for the Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture at Texas A&M University. In this project I was the Chief of Party and Team Leader for a $5.7 Million dollar effort to train Iraqi Extension agents and specialists in all aspects of agriculture.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wheat and Oat Plots Nearing Harvest

Number            Entry Name    Description               Seeding rate (lb/a)
1                       Duster            Hard Wheat                60
2                       Deliver           Hard Wheat                60
3                       Fuller             Hard Wheat                60
4                       Fannin           Hard Wheat                60
5                      Coronado       Hard Wheat                60
6                      TAM 203       Hard Wheat                60
7                      TAM 304       Hard Wheat                60
8                      TAM 401       Hard Wheat                60
9                      Jackpot          Hard Wheat                60
10                    Pete               Hard Wheat                60
11                   TAMO 405     Oat                            90
12                   TAMO 406     Oat                             90
13                    TAMO 606    Oat                             90
14                    Horizon 314    Oat                             90
15                    LA 99016       Oat                            90
16                    TX02U7682    Experimental Oat       90
17                    TX05CS347-1 Experimental Oat      90
18                   TX05CS542    Experimental Oat        90
19                   TX05CS556    Experimental Oat         90
20                    TX07CS3697 Experimental Oat         90